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How to not be the loud gamer in your group 📣

We all know that one person who is notorious for being loud and rackety online. Whether you are a gamer or have participated in a virtual meeting, at some stage you have probably wished for another participant to mute themselves, permanently.

Most of the times, a noisy person in these situations doesn’t really know the amount or intensity of the sounds their microphone picks up and how annoying it can quickly get for other participants. This means that any of us could be the culprit without realizing it. From vigorous munching on food to the loud groaning of an old refrigerator, here are a few things to steer clear of while playing a multiplayer player game to spare the other participants from perpetual dread.

Keep Away From Children

It goes without saying saying that we love kids, but their screaming fits are often a challenge for everyone, including the parents. Having a child wailing at the back of a multiplayer game is just something your fellow players didn’t sign-up for when agreeing to play with you. Our first advice would be to not get rid of the baby but move to a different room, or just play on mute until the baby stops screaming. If the child belongs to you and needs attention, prioritize them. Please. It’s good to press that pause button once in a while.

Things could get hotter

If you think gaming is all fun and games -no pun intended- then you have never heard another player’s fan whirring like it’s breathing its last. Even the high-end headsets pick up the irritating sounds our fans and ACs make and amplify them which can be headache inducing for the other participants. Now here are a few sacrifices you can make; either turn the fan off and sit in the heat for the comfort of your fellow gamers or get your appliances checked properly by a technician so they live longer and don’t make those grim sounds. ProTip: a new dimmer goes a long way.

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Hey DJ! Play that song (said no one, ever)

Music is an intimate thing, and when you are playing a multiplayer game, it is best to keep it that way. Though you might be enjoying your favorite hits on speaker while playing a game, your fellow players might not have the same taste in music and get frustrated. This goes for blaring TV speakers as well. Save that awesome beat for a single player game for optimal gaming experience.

You kiss your grandma with that mouth?

This one’s a no-brainer. Its very common for gamers to get all hyped up and start cussing during a tough mission. You might not realize how offensive it could be for someone else playing with you. We get it, challenging games can get anyone going but its best to just mutter them under your breath so it doesn’t make it to anyone else’s ear. Rule of thumb: if you can’t use that word for your parents, don’t use it for anyone else either.

Who really asked for a mukbang?

Gaming while munching sounds great on paper. However, your snacks do not sound like a treat to the ears of other players. That loud crunch is not only distracting, it’s just plain unpleasant to hear someone eat in any virtual situation. If you’ve got to eat, chomp away on mute or even better, make a YouTube ASMR channel out of it.

It all comes down to how considerate you are when playing with other people. Everyone prefers an immersive gaming experience without it getting sabotaged by loud unnecessary sounds. So the next time you enter a multiplayer game, use some of the tricks we shared and be one with the mute button. We don’t play cupid but we guarantee everyone is going to love having you on their team!

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