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Senior iOS Developer

Position: Full Time

Experience: 3-4 Years

Location: Islamabad

Job Overview

We are seeking an iOS Developer to join our development team. As an iOS developer, your duties will include creating and designing applications on the iOS platform for mobile devices.

What we need? A strong knowledge of iOS frameworks and proficiency in Objective-C with excellent problem solving skills.


  • Design and create high-level iOS applications for mobile devices.

  • Use core data core animation for the iOS framework.

  • Work closely with the team of android and ios developer.

  • Monitor the performance of apps and make improvements as required.

  • Identify and fix bugs.

  • Write and maintain codes.

  • Research continuously and acquire the latest technologies for maximum efficiency.

  • Responsible for supervising, managing, and motivating team members on a daily basis.

  • As a team leader, you will be the contact point for all team members, so your communication skills should be excellent.

  • Proactively ensure smooth team operations and effective collaboration.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or equivalent.

  • Proven 3+ years of experience as a Mobile Developer or Software Developer.

  • Proven track record of published iOS apps in the app store.

  • Understanding of Mobile programming languages such as Swift 4.0, Objective-C or Cocoa Touch.

  • Experience working with iOS frameworks like Core Data, Core Graphics, Core Animation.

  • In-depth knowledge of native iOS development frameworks (API, testing, deployment, etc).

  • Familiarity with push notifications and cloud message APIs.

  • Ability to evaluate new technology to optimize application development.

  • Ability to connect iOS apps to back-end services.

  • Strong understanding of UX/UI standards.

  • Strong knowledge of Apple’s Design and Interface principles.

  • Strong understanding of the iOS mobile app development cycle.

  • Understanding of the Agile development process.

  • Knowledge of offline storage, threading and performance tuning.

  • Excellent team player.

  • Excellent optimization and benchmarking skills.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.

Please email your CV to with the title "Senior iOS Developer".

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